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Meet Your Teacher

25 years ago, I struggled deeply with scoliosis and a hernia which created a lasting ripple effect in my body.


I searched for a resolve to my pain and tried EVERYTHING.

I mean, that's no exaggeration.


I tried everything my local area had to offer back then.

No resolve. No fix.


I was a single mum.


I had a young son to look after.

A business to run.


And a pain in my back so uncomfortable that it made it hard to show up to those things.


Until one day.


One day, I saw an alternate type of yoga being offered.


It had a funny name like many of them do.




I was a bit hesitant and skeptical at first because, as I already said, I had tried everything.


Anyway, I showed up.


Within just 2 hours of deep, relaxing poses, I felt WONDERFUL.


That night I slept like an absolute baby.


I appreciated that this was only one session, but I could just feel that I'd found my resolve.


23 years, 1000+ hours teacher training and 4000 hours teaching later, I'm here to offer you the same resolve.


I founded Bliss Yoga to give people like you the same elixir I was blessed to receive.


Let's face it - aging gracefully and feeling strong into our later years is not about what anti-wrinkle creams we use.


It's about the approach we have to life on a day-to-day basis.

As a Bliss Yoga teacher, I know the importance of investing in our student's wellbeing.


Our Vision

Bliss Yoga envisions a world in which people create a mind, body and energy balance within their lives.


This can be created through the practice of Svaroopa® yoga and other techniques.

We see spaces created in which people feel safe to unwind, to release the tension of the day or even their lives.


Spaces in which people can truly feel empowered.

The technique we teach is Svaroopa® yoga, a style of Hatha yoga.

This discipline of yoga focuses on opening the spine.


It is a gentle style of yoga that releases and relaxes the deeper core muscles to open up the flow of energy.

Svaroopa® yoga has been described as a non-athletic form of yoga because of its subtle, gentle approach.


The practice includes the use of props, such as blankets and blocks, to assist with the poses.

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