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yoga to ease your body and your mind.

We help people find balance in their lives through yoga & meditation classes and retreats.

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5 Signs Your Body Needs Bliss Yoga

  1. You have a nagging ache that won't go away

  2. Your back pain is causing you grief

  3. You don't feel as energised as you used to

  4. Your mind is restless and is hard to switch off

  5. You have trouble sleeping

We understand.

Our bodies are meant to feel good, to move well, but years living in the busy western world have taught them otherwise. Amid the sea of everyone selling a 'quick fix', it's hard to commit to something in fear of it not working.

Our method isn't a quick fix, but a lifelong, loving commitment to living joyfully within your body. We've lightened the process by breaking it down into 3 easy steps:


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Find Balance

Put the principles into practice daily and start to see change in your body and your life.

*We're so certain that you'll like it, that if you don't, we will refund you 100%.

What our students say:

"Just want to say a huge thank you to Celina for her yoga teachings. I suffer from sciatica and whenever I take her yoga class I walk out pain-free. As well as feeling less stressed and more in touch with my inner peace"



what our students have achieved:

  • Sense of self-care

  • Relaxed mind

  • Pain problems solved

  • Ability to switch off when kids are at school

  • Become mobile

  • Learn techniques to ensure a healthy life

  • Be a part of a yoga community



With Bliss Yoga, you will find a way of living that helps balance your restless mind and body in a way that will make you feel more alive than ever before.

3 Little-Known Ways To Soothe The Aches and Pains In Your Body

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Our 3-step process contains vital information that will help you relax & unwind from daily stresses, reset your body and your mind.


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